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    “Solo prevoz” dooel was founded in 2004 as a company for organizing collective transport. Our first international destination is the Republic of Serbia, and it has a successful cooperation for over 16 years. We are one of the most renowed companies for international transport in the Republic of Macedonia. Our main activity is international transport. We have modern truck for all types of goods.

    We are proud that our renowed company during her work in Macedonia and out of state is with constant and excepitional success,and we help companies and clients to concentrate on their business activities while we solve their transport through Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria. That is why we daily increase our expertise in the field of transport, for which we are extremely grateful. We have cooperation with a lot of companies in Macedonia and the Balkans countres. Since our establishment we have successfully coopertated with lot of Macedonian’s and international companies.
    After Macedonian’s and international customers have given us their trust, we strive to improve the transport, so our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems, so that at any time we have accurate information where is locaton of your shipment.

    Our fleet consists of 10 trucks intended for international aggregate (single) transport and local distribution. Our vehicles are equipped for transport of different types of goods (palletized/ non – palletized, dangerous goods ADR, etc.). We have professional drivers, who enable timely delivery of shipments, have certificates of professional competence for drivers, expeditious at the places where loading and unloading, respecting our customers.

    During it’s existence, the company has continuously developed and grown into one of the leading companies for collective transport in the Balkas countries.

    More details about one of our services can be found on this website in the section related to the service you are interested in.

    You are welcome to send us a request via email or contact us during business hours.

    • VISION

    A company where customer satisfaction is most important!

    Our mission is commitment to meet the requirements of each client in the most professional way, while considering the correctness,confidentiality and meeting deadlines as our top priority. We are considered successful when we enable our customers to realize their shipments in the best possible way.


    Our vision is not only to be a leading company in the transport region, but also to provide our customer with services that will help them to save time.Our strategic goals are directed at increasing profits, continuous growth and development, as well as expanding the business.